Now let me introduce my Herpes Antidote in greater detail….

My Program Will Show You How You Can Eliminate Herpes Outreaks From Your Life in 3 Months or Less
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I know the pain you are going through. It does not matter how long you have had herpes, you can get rid of that herpes suffering once and for all.

I will teach you. . .

  • Exactly which foods to eat
  • What top foods to avoid and when
  • The two bests supplements to take, how and when
  • Which herbs are worth taking
  • How to stop stress, relationship issues and anger from causing outbreaks
  • What you should do to protect your partner (not herpes drugs)
  • What products and remedies to apply locally and when….
  • Which essential oil is the most powerful to abort a herpes outbreak (it is not tea tree oil)
  • How to abort an outbreak even before it manifests itself
  • How to stop all herpes pain using a very simple remedy
  • The most important fact you should know to protect your partner from getting herpes from you
  • What you might be doing that will actually increase your partner’s chances of getting herpes from you
  • When you can have glass of wine or a little bit of chocolate and when you absolutely must not
  • Where to get remedies in the US and in Europe
  • The three supplements you should take to prevent outbreaks from recurring
  • How to beat stress and how to stop it causing symptoms
  • How to prevent your emotions triggering further outbreaks…
  • The small lifestyle changes that can make you outbreak free
  • The new skill you can learn in just a few minutes to halt an outbreak even if you are in the middle of the desert with just a jug of water

More than anyone, I know herpes harms your self-esteem and your love life. It is possible to get them both back to a joyful and healthy place. Countless people, including me, have turned their lives around.

You too, can stop suffering from herpes now!